Thursday, December 9, 2010

notes to the world :

Dear ImagineAustin:
Economic diversity in our neighbourhoods sounds like something a lib dem would vote for doesn't it? So your goal is that in 30 years the income of Austin's inhabitants will be as stratified as it is now? That in our future utopia servants will live right down the street from their masters? Nobody's time is worth more than anybody else's. And its rude to condescend to people, telling them they can have a say in the future if they fill out a survey with sparse, leading questions, and several similarly miserable "trend" options. Oh and heads up- what's your "economic plan" for when the oil runs out?

Dear Man with Cancer whose Son dragged a reclining chair up the side of a mountain so that He could Shoot a Deer:
Don't you see the irony in your situation?

Dear Wikileaks Hackers:
Please take back the internet for us. How can we help you?

Dear Conservative Evangelist Military Chaplains:
God does not support you in your bigotry.

Dear Gays in the Military:
The queer thing to do is not be in the military.

Dear President Obama:
No one who makes under 30,000 dollars a year should have to even fill out a tax form. Get the money you need to run the government from rich people.

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