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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

As artists we must be ever vigilant, and mindful of the afterlife of our creations, lest we become as culpable as the scientists, who in pursuit of 'true science' followed their bliss to create the atom bomb. If the tenable product of science is technology, it follows as such that the product of art is culture. We must become architects of a culture of enlightenment, a culture that learns from the past to improve the present onward into the future, a culture whose aim is liberation, equality, and well being of the biosphere and all creatures that inhabit it. We must create a culture that turns away from petrochemicals and pesticides, away from individualism and mindless procreation, away from exploitation and capital, away from the lie that voting for leaders is political action that brings political change. We must create a culture of empathy, not apathy, interdependence, not independence. Our art should seek to dissolve nation states, not bolster them, and support systems of peace, universal well-being, and sustainability.